A Program and the People Committed to Customer Success

Tehama Angus Ranch is a milestone in the cattle industry providing cattlemen with quality and performance that cannot be found elsewhere. Tehama still has the same vision today as Bill's grandfather did back in 1911 within the dairy industry- Improving genetics through rigorous testing to enhance the productivity of their commercial customers. Tehama Angus is one of the very few operations that has developed Angus cattle for over 65 years and is still producing seedstock today.

Closed Herd: Tehama remains distinct by never purchasing females from other producers and building upon the foundation already in place. Most all of Tehama mothers date back to Kerns Blackcap 4, Bill's first heifer. Throughout generations of improvement, Tehama has the ability to create high performance outcross genetics that cover all bases.

• Depth of Genetics throughout the entire herd. Tehama does not follow national trends year in and year out. After seven decades of raising Angus cattle, the ranch continues to pursue its own goals of raising PERFORMANCE TESTED bulls that excel in many western environments creating premiums for commercial customers.

• Ranch Raised Bull Test: The only seedstock provider in California to raise bulls on the ranch with a 120 day bull test. Tehama has been testing bulls since 1943 for all weight measurements and have been ultra-sounding for carcass traits since 1993. All bulls are raised off of the feedlot to express athleticism and are ready for breeding when they leave the ranch.

• Ability to test herd sires on our own cowherd with great success: Tehama Angus continues to use their own sires and be the first to see progeny of them. Tehama Angus sires continue to excel along with their major A.I. stud contemporaries.

• Improve commercial customer cowherds through the strict culling for udders/teats, feet/legs, fertility, disposition, and the ability to raise a calf every year within a 50 day breeding cycle. Strict culling on Tehama cows will simply improve the quality of seedstock annually