About Us

Tehama Angus is centered around our mission in the beef industry - to provide top quality bulls to commercial cattleman with enhanced maternal value and end-product merit. Our bulls are conditioned for to thrive in the diverse environments of the west.

The Family

The Borror Family

The Borror family has been the sole owners and operators of Tehama Angus for over 70 years with four generations taking part. The family takes pride in developing a cowherd built on a foundation that will guide commercial producers for many years to come. Their philosophy does not follow industry fads or hot keywords of the year, but simply building a program around elite Angus females.

The Ranch

Spring Heifers

Tehama Angus Ranch continues to expand into new territories. Gerber, California remains the ranch headquarters where all cows are bred and where bulls are developed. Headquarters also is home to spring calving cows where they are summered on irrigated pastures with calves at their side.

In recent years, the ranch has moved spring calving females to the foothills outside of Red Bluff from late fall through early spring for calving. Spring cows have excelled in a commercial environment made up of seasonal grasses, valley oaks, and lava rock. Calves are born healthier with more vigor than on headquarters where they would be fed.

The fall calving cowherd has expanded to Adin, California in the northeastern portion of the state. Cows are on open range ground comprised of high desert from April through August where they are then brought down to calve on irrigated pasture. Cows and calves both thrive in this commercial environment when temperatures reach above 100 degrees in the valley during summer months.

The Cowherd

The Cowherd

The cow herd consists of 350 fall and 250 spring calving cows. This provides large contemporary groups for meaningful evaluation of the collected performance data. Artificial insemination and embryo transfer are both used to compliment our breeding goals of using influential sires to create elite offspring. All fall and spring-calving females are bred artificially for only 50 days to increase fertility by culling open cows as well as reducing the amount of labor required for breeding and calving twice a year.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Ranch raised bulls are placed on a high roughage test for 120 days for a gain of 3.5 lb. per day. They are not placed in a feedlot, but a 110 acre dry lot to express athleticism and develop a body condition which serves them well when turned out for breeding. At the completion of the test, all bulls are ultrasounded for carcass data and fertility tested. Please stop by anytime to view the offering.

Both spring long yearlings and fall yearlings sell in our "Generations of Performance" Bull Sale. All bulls must meet stringent criteria for fertility, structural soundness, and performance traits to be offered in our annual sale.